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As we bunkered into our quarantines, my mother told me to pyneh rngiew, strengthen my rngiew. rrrrr-ing-yew... I cannot roll my r's like she does. I cannot translate this word. But I somehow understood what she meant, it was an urge to go into mental survival mode. 

With my ancestors and I no longer sharing the same tongue, at least we share the same feeling. I found Lapdiang, who could share this feeling with me, to help open this door of untranslation. To roll those r's again. But I couldn't. So I build a portal and everyday for 30 days we would spend 5 seconds sharing rngiew with each other. Every day our rngiew, this unstranslatable feeling/sensation/energy, tried to transport itself across lens to screen. Amidst the interweb of endless exchanges, we weaved together...a shared feeling.


day 1


we weave together portals of memory
we weave together portals of emotion
we weave together portals to understand our ancestors
to get from here to there
to get somewhere
if only to escape

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